January 02, 2007

Today Programme hunted

The results are in for the Today Programmes Christmas Repeal, and the winner by a landslide is The Hunting Act. I seriously doubt that that act is going to suvive long once Labour have lost power, this and their result on the governments e-Petitions site seem to indicate they have a rather strong and active lobby. It will also act as a good bone for Cameron to through to his more old school conservative back benchers, just as Blair used it to keep Old Labour on side.

Since Today didn't see fit to publish the results in order here they are and it is good to see the European Communities Act in second place.

The Hunting Act: 52.8%
European Communities Act: 29.7%
Serious Organised Crime and Police Act: 6.2%
Human Rights Act: 6.1%
The Act of Settlement: 3.6%
Dangerous Dogs Act: 1.6%


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